Saluting Our Nurses

Young doctor and senior patient shaking hands in hallway of the hospital.

We’d like to salute each of our Nurses at MediLodge of Cass City who are such an integral part of our center! Happy Nurses Week to all of our amazing nurses!

Saluting Our Nurses

From left, Jody Messing, Donna Manary, Sandra D’Addezio, Morris Powell, Rebecca Vincent, Jessica Parrish, Lindsay Piche and Julee Lapratt. Not pictured are Jennifer Krull, Tracy Nicole, Curtis Landrith, Micheal Eddy, Star Langley, Eleisha Kessler, Leslie Aubry, Corrine Abraham, Robin Kaufman, Monica Soehnel and Amber Pillsbury.

Julee Lapratt; Since I have known her she has been kind and fulfills my needs – Ann

Jennifer Krull; She is always smiling and looks out for her residents- Vanessa

Sandra D’Addezio; Very attentive, very active and always helps the residents- Dale

Tracy Nicole; Always friendly, and always has a smile on her face- Carol

Donna Manary; She will go out of her way for anyone and will always help- Darlene

Jessica Parrish; She is sharp and always treats people nice- Bob

Curtis Landrith; He is a sweetheart! Honest, helpful, and trustworthy- Lucille

Morris Powell; He has been here forever and always does a great job- Susan

Micheal Eddy; He will always find the answers to the resident’s’ problems- Sylvia

Star Langley; She is uplifting and is always happy and in a good mood- Laurie

Eleisha Kessler; Always very kind and remembers when you ask her something- Mary

Leslie Aubry; She will go out of her way to help, solve problems, and listen- Barb

Corrine Abraham; True professional does everything by the books, great nurse- John

Lindsay Piche; She will always listen to you when you’re having hard times- Clyde

Robin Kaufman; She knows what she is doing and is always smiling- Ray

Monica Soehnel; She is a great nurse and always helpful- Larry

Amber Pillsbury; She takes the time to help and always answers questions- Char

Jody Messing; She is a great multi-tasker and does her job well- David

Rebecca Vincent; Very helpful, cares about the residents and always respectful- Mary

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